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How to pitch to brands + FREE Media Kit template

Pitching to a brand can seem scary- especially when it's your first time. Not sure what to say? Check out my pitching techniques and feel free to use my templates.

First of all you should always start with a personal introduction followed with sharing what makes you unique as a creator. Do some research about their products and company. Taking this small step can help lead to longer term collaborations!

Here's an examples of a pitch e-mail I usually send out in the beginning:


I am reaching out with an exciting opportunity for a collaboration between XY and Katy Ironman (IG: @katyironman). My name is Katrin Eisenmann and I am a colorful content creator and lifestyle blogger based in Florida (fun fact: I am German!).

Most of my audience (2K+ on Instagram) is based in America (Florida, California, NY) and Germany. For more information about my brand, I’m happy to share my media kit! You can also view some of my past branded work on my blog here. I also have more than 5 million monthly views on Pinterest. I think we would be a great fit for a partnership and I know that your brand will undoubtedly resonate with my audience.

In the past I have worked with brands such as BITE cosmetics, Blue Nile Diamond, Empress Gin, Pixi, idealofsweden, Saint Maniero, Beauty Hills Cosmetics, Stronger, GIMME Beauty, Amazon and more!

Very important to know: Consider the time and day you are sending your email. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT send pitch emails on the weekends (and definitely not after 5PM ). I like to schedule my emails to be sent between Monday and Thursdays.

Another useful trick I have learned over the years. Even if a brand says no or explains to you that they won't do collaborations right now you can still follow up again in a few months. Therefore, I started to create an excel sheet in order to keep track on all my potential brands. You can also write a follow up e-mail after a successful collaboration. Just let them know that you enjoyed working with them and would love to start a long term partnership. Many of them will love that and appreciate enthusiastic content creators!

Aside from that I always attach my Media Kit to the pitch e-mail. I update it every month and show the demographics, brands I worked with in the past as well as the collaboration opportunities I offer. Here's an example:

MEDIA KIT, 2022, April
Download PDF • 4.50MB

I hope that helped a little bit! Write a comment below if you have any more questions!

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