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Products and Tools you need to Create Content

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

While generating content may not seem to be a challenging undertaking to others, it involves a significant amount of effort, time, and equipment for influencers. Influencers, on the other hand, have tools, applications, and gear that make generating content easy.

The tools we enjoy for content creation are listed below and will be linked in our Amazon storefront.

Tripod. Several influencers own multiple tripods. They may have one that is light and portable, and a second that is heavier or more durable that is used for photoshoots. Content creators often shoot their own images, necessitating the use of a tripod. Trust me when I say: Invest in a good one (anything between $30-$100). The one I use for all my content + clients is this one.

Stabilizer. Influencers often need a stabilizer or gyroscope, which gives support and stabilization so that video isn't jittery, whether they capture material on a smartphone or DSLR. Especially great for vloggers and anyone who has to create a lot of lifestyle related video content.

Smartphone. Many phones now have superior photography capabilities that eliminate the need for influencers to invest in cameras. Influencers must also be able to access social networking programs such as Instagram, photo-editing apps, email, and other services while on the road. I am a little bit bias here and gotta say the iPhone has one of the best cameras. Don't invest in a super expensive camera especially if you just started out on social media. Phone cameras are amazing nowadays and most platforms decrease the quality anyways as soon as you post your content online.

Microphone. Influencers who want to record podcasts or YouTube videos will require a microphone. Influencers may also be required to record voiceovers for partnerships. A cheap one (around $10-$30) is good enough for everything you gotta do.

The "ring light". Proper illumination is essential. While natural lighting is preferred by users, it is not always accessible. When taking images in low-light circumstances, influencers (perfect for makeup or cooking tutorials) use ring lights or other studio lights. I am personally, not the biggest fan of ring lights because they reflect in your eyes all the time and most of them look cheap. Just get a normal square light and make sure you can adjust and change it accordingly.

Remote shutter or Bluetooth. Instead of relying on a self-timer, users may use a camera remote to shoot images more effectively. Influencers now have greater power on the photos. Even better: Use the free app "Lens Buddy"- a true game changer.

Portable power supply. When generating material, it's critical to maintain your equipment charged. A portable charger prevents influencers from running out of battery power while on the fly. I invested in a good one that charges at least 3x times.

We have an amazing Amazon storefront with EVERYTHING you need as a content creator and small business for product shoots etc. and update the list on a monthly basis.

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