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Katrin Eisenmann, Founder 

I started this marketing agency in the beginning of 2022 after working for more than 6 years in this industry. I am originally from Germany and moved to Tampa in 2020. I have a bachelors degree in International Management and worked for and with various brands, start-ups and bigger businesses in Germany as well as in the US. I speak multiple languages (German, French and English) and love creating content and being creative for our clients. You will be in best hands with me and my hands on local team!

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Our office is located in Tampa

Tampa is the perfect place for young professionals, content creators and businesses. This is why we opened our office here and nowhere else! No matter if you need in person content help or a personal consultation. We can show up wherever you need us!



Small agency =

big time investment

Social Muse Agency is a small business and we take your needs and goals very seriously. Compared to big marketing agencies we know you by name, offer in person meetings, are very hands-on and invest all our resources and time in you!


Efficient & Creative

We can take the lead and show you exactly what you need

You are a content creator and need help finding brand deals? You are a small business and are looking for a successful social media strategy and content? We develop step by step online marketing plans for you and lead you to success!

Why you should hire us
for your social media needs

Social Muse Agency - TAMPA, FL

Brand Strategy, Identity & Branding,

Content Creation, Social Media Management, Influencer PR

"Omg Katrin! Our first reel is PERFECT! thank you!"

Kristin, Kate & Ryan Event Rentals

"Just finished the crash course! Each class was EXTREMELY helpful! Class three really opened my eyes to the value of my content and how to get the BEST brand deals."

Paige Hartley

"The images are amazing! I am obsessed. Can't wait to see the videos!!!"

Katie, Élevae

"I love working with Social Muse and the whole team. 10/10 when it comes to content creation for your business."

Abigail Joy


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