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Learn the tools
to become a successful
full time content creator!

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You want to build a professional influencer career, from ZERO followers, grow organically and get your first paid collaborations – but you’re intimidated and have no idea where to start?

I’ll be honest with you right away… 

YES, there is a formula to start an influencer business from zero followers to well paid collaborations with big name brands. But it does require work and some secret knowledge! 


📱 You love social media and are ready to live from your social media income?  

💸 You don't want to sell short the effort and time you put into your content? 

👀 But you're not sure where and how to start to achieve your goals? 


If you feel… 

  • Intimidated by the competition, 

  • Overwhelmed by the workload, 

  • Unable to create the necessary amount of excellent and consistent content… 

We have GOOD NEWS for you! 

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5 pre-recorded classes

Each class breaks down different topics and questions. Learn everything there is to know and become a successful influencer in 2023! Rewatch the classes again and again, take notes and get better paid brand deals.


Useful templates for you!

We made sure to not only give you the best tips but also the TOOLS to become as successful as possible in this industry. Use our media kit and pitch email templates and track sheets to stay organized, professional and efficient.

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An active creator community

We won't leave you hanging- even after the course! You are automatically in our Social Muse influencer family and can network with other creators, exchange more tips and support each other on a daily basis!.Just an invitation from us but never an obligation!

Here’s how your dream
can become reality:
  • We will guide you through each step of building an online presence starting at even zero followers. 

  • You will receive secret knowledge about how to approach brands and earn your first money with your content.

  • Content, email and other templates will help you to increase the value of your postings and brand.

  • Learn how to talk to brands and get recognized by them in this competitive industry.

  • Handle all the "we don't have a budget" or affiliate links responses like a pro!

  • The included templates are designed to help you and save you time and headaches in your daily life as a creator and are the same ones we use to secure brand deals with Revolve, Rebag, Express, Nadine Merabi and many more!

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This course includes 5 pre-recorded classes, 9 templates and EXCLUSIVE access to our Social Muse Community!

Together we will find your niche and build a concept for you to follow and grow on social media

in a way that you can stay true to yourself but also make a career out of this.

Invest in your influencer career now and get started today!
  • Content Creator Crash Course-Online

    Your way to a full time content creator career starts here!
    • 5 pre-recorded classes
    • Media Kit and pitch email templates
    • Brand collaboration tracking sheet
    • "Influencer Rates Cheatsheet"
    • Step by step guide for your social media growth
    • Learn how to build a cross-platform online presence
    • Exclusive access to the Social Muse Community
    • 9 templates total!

Before $399

WHAT you're, SAYING.

Become a Social Muse and join our exclusive community!

Work with the popular brands just like us!