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Finally, the answer to keeping your business active and engaged on social media without requiring so much time and effort. Get started today with our agency and explore our packages options and pricing!*



Monthly Account Management

We answer DM's and comments on a daily basis, post multiple times/week, be active with the account to get a higher engagement, weekly trend research for each platform in order to hop on trends, create an online branding strategy that matches your website + storytelling, edit and post content according to the brand identity and voice. This package includes a 30 minute zoom update call/ month and excludes monthly content creation for brand.

  • Instagram:  3x posts/week,

       6-10 stories/week:                 $1,000/ month

  • TikTok: 3 videos/week:         $1,000/month

  • Pinterest: 4x standard or idea pins/week:                                                   $1,500/month

  • LinkedIn: 3 posts/week:        $1,000/month


Strategy Development  (2-3 weeks depending on data)

Develop and implement a cohesive and strategic vision for your brands social media, focusing on Instagram/ Pinterest/ TikTok, aiming to educate, inform, and engage our target audience. Conduct a trend research for each platform in order to hop on trends, perform competitor analysis, ideal target audience analysis for each platform and establish an online branding strategy aligned with the brand's website and storytelling. Create campaigns and/or provide creative direction for partnerships, including an influencer guide for creators/brands. Includes SWOT analysis, market research triangle, SMART goals, insights and content analysis. Includes 1x consultation session (1hr) afterwards to go through strategy and questions.


  • One-time payment                    $1,600/total


Influencer PR Management

This service includes: Weekly pitch emails, media kit creation and monthly update, brand communication (follow-ups, calls, negotiating, content planning, managing deadlines/ guidelines, contract negotiation etc.), 30 minutes free social media online zoom consultation, customized growth strategy for your brand on social media platform of your choice.

  • "Starter": 10 pitch emails/week: $500/month

  • "Go-Getter": 20 pitch emails/week: $1,000/month

  • "Influencer Cosmos": 30 pitch emails/week: $1,500/month


Monthly content creation/ UGC

Monthly content shoot with 1-3 models, including edit/ cut of the content (video + image), planning, managing, and executing shoot, monthly brand vision board:

You will get access in order to give feedback, additional behind the scenes content for stories*.

  • 1 hour/month, 12- 18 images**

       + 3-4 videos:                          $700/ month      

  • 2 hours/month, 20-40 images

       + 6-8 videos:                        $1,000/ month 

  • 4 hours/month, 45- 65 images

       + 12-16 videos:                     $2,500/ month                               


*excludes rates for photo studio and video-/ photographers you may want us to hire for specific videos/ content shoots, rates may vary if location is more than 20 minutes away from downtown Tampa.

** (goal: 3 posts /week and covers all monthly content you need for the first package option.)

You need a service that is not mentioned on this page
or need individual pricing for a specific project?

Get in touch with us today and send an email to:

Working with Social Muse Agency is so professional yet fun! Kat and her team are extremely organized and pay close attention to detail. Social media plays a vital role in today’s business industry which is why I would highly recommend ISocial Muse  Agency. They are extremely knowledgeable and up to date on the latest trends and algorithms. You won’t be disappointed when working together with them! As a photographer, I love working with them as they really get to know the client and take time to understand the vision which helps me plan how to best create content!

Sabrina Schaller

*any digital content (templates, online workshops, digital marketing services, consultations etc.) are not eligible for a refund.

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