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Our team is growing! Learn more about our new intern Bridgett

Hello, My name is Bridgett, and I am overjoyed to be working with Ironman Agency. I am twenty years old and was born and raised on the east coast of Florida in Jupiter. My family is the most crucial aspect of my life, and they are my strongest supporters . Growing up, I spent my summers in West End, Bahamas, where my family has a home. I fell in love with the ocean and all of its species. My father taught me how to spearfish and catch lobster when I was just 7 years old, and it's now one of my favorite sports and time spent with my father. I am partly tomboy and enjoy hunting, fishing, gardening, skeet shooting, and everything else that involves being outside. I also like going out to dine with my girlfriends, shopping, shooting photos for social media, and cooking. In August 2021, I came to Tampa to begin college. I adore Tampa and everything that it has to offer, plus it's just a three-hour trip from home. I'm pleased to be working here and contributing to the growth of this business.

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