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3 Ways to Get Better Paid Brand Deals in Q4

Q4 (October to December) is typically when brands have the biggest marketing budgets. This makes it the perfect time for content creators to start sending out those pitch emails and shoot their shot at collaborations with brands. There are a few ways to increase your chances of being successful, even as a micro-influencer with a small following!

#1. Add Holiday Content to Your Media Kit

A media kit is essentially a portfolio of your content, showcasing who you are and what your audience and demographic look like (which is super important to include in your pitch emails to brands!) If you still need help with this part we offer fully customizable media kits you can check out here! Adding holiday themed images or videos to your media kit can give brands a better idea of how your content would look for an upcoming holiday campaign. This could include showcasing holiday themed products, winter fashion, travel content, etc.

#2. Mention Holiday Campaigns in Your Pitch Emails

You should always add an extra sentence to the end of pitch emails mentioning any upcoming trips, events or holidays. This serves as a good reminder for brands to keep you in mind for future campaigns. An example of this could look like:

"If your brand is interested in working on upcoming fall or holiday campaigns feel free to reach out. I will also going on a trip to *location* from *dates* and would love to collaborate for this special occasion with your brand!"

#3. Post and Tag Brands!

Posting brands on your feed is one of the most important ways to boost your appeal for collaborations. This allows brands to see what your content looks like when you are promoting products or services. Second most important: never forget to tag! Tagging brands in your posts, even if it is not a collaboration, can get you on the brand’s radar, a chance of being reposted and make you look like a great candidate for a future collaboration by showing that you purchase, use and enjoy their products/services.

Still struggling to land collaborations? Our Content Creator Crash Course will teach you all the industry tips and tricks and provide you with all the templates to kickstart your influencer career! If you're a business and don't have the time to create and post content? Let us do the work for you. Get in touch today and become an exclusive Social Muse client in 2024!

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