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Introducing our new influencer talent: KAT EISENMANN

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

We are excited to announce our new content creator gal Kat as our talent at Ironman Agency! A little bit about her:

"Hi I am Kat, 26 years old and originally from Germany! I moved to Florida because I love the weather, lifestyle and people here. I started Instagram in 2011 and my audience has been growing ever since. I talk about my daily life, fashion & beauty on Instagram. I also blog on my website and run a very successful Pinterest account and TikTok. Besides that I am a very passionate and fun person! I love to inspire people and create amazing content for brands. In my free time I do photo shoots, help at church and just try to be as creative as possible. I am also working on publishing my first poetry book and I am running my own marketing agency.

(IG: @katyironman).The majority of her audience is based in the US (83.9% female, age range:18-34 years). For more information I’m happy to share her media kit! Katie also has more than 3.5 million monthly views on Pinterest (11K followers) and a very successful Tiktok account (10.5K followers, 381K likes and more than 1 million monthly video views). Below are some of her past brand partners:


For partnership and collaboration inquiries please send us an email to:

MEDIA KIT, 2023, Jan
Download PDF • 2.61MB

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