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How Can You Create Social Media Content in bulk as a brand?

What exactly is content batching?

Content batching allows you to save time, publish regularly, and effortlessly reuse your ideas across channels. Inside this blog, we'll show you how to set up a content batching strategy that allows you to implement all of your finest ideas with plenty of time to spare. Plus we will explain to you WHY content recycling is the best thing you can do nowadays! Let's get into it:

#1 Content batching helps you plan, follow a strategy and keeps you on track!

The primary purpose of content batching is to keep you one step ahead so you can devote your efforts to other aspects of your business. Trust me it is the most annoying thing when you reach the middle of your work week and realize you have nothing left to post. Some people may think now: "Then just don't post for a few days who cares". The algorithm does. Your audience and customers do. Your brand on social media is your online business card and we do not recommend posting here and there whenever you have some pictures to post. You can only grow successfully on social media when you follow a consistent strategy. And you need content to plan for that.

#2 Save time and effort

You may take as much time off as you need since you always have material ready to go.

Make a unified framework for content publication. Having material on hand ensures you have everything you need for specified dates and times, but you can also change items about if anything more time-sensitive happens, such as a breaking news event or a surprising industry development. Following trends has never been easier with this strategy.

Boost your efficiency and consistency while decreasing your procrastination. Running a business is already difficult enough and you really don't want to worry about this part on top of everything.

If you desire to be more strategic with your content publication, developing material in batches is an amazing way to complete all of the work and effort in one go and have various possibilities for future usage.

#3 Make time for planning and thinking

Our tip: You must prepare ahead of time for content batching to be successful. Read that again. Batching's goal objective is to assist you be more creative while minimizing procrastination, which implies you must put the extra amount of early work for the end result. Write down locations, outfits, products you want to use, models you need for the day and any other information in order to shoot as efficient as possible during those hours.

#4"But how to I make content in bulk?"

Seeking content inspiration is difficult for everyone - we all get stuck at times. Here are a few ideas to keep you motivated to produce a lot of material.


I know I am saying this again and again but we recommend all our clients to use vision boards on this platform to batch shoot content. Even if it's just to figure out the style, aesthetic or detail shots for your brand. Our influencer talents love it for posing inspo.


Shoot the same product three times. There are various methods for capturing the same object in a different lighting. To showcase off your service or goods to your audience, use flat lays, lifestyle, stop motion, Reels, regrams, or user-generated video. You'll be able to choose from a bank of photos depicting the same goods this way.


Discover a month's worth of regrams all at once. Find four posts for the month at one sitting, for example, if you share a regram every Monday.

#5 Questions to consider when you develop your content strategy:

  • What am I promoting/ trying to sell?

  • What should others take away from my experience?

  • What does my brand represent?

  • How can I use great content to guide my consumers through the sales funnel?

  • What actions should I take to ensure that my target audience understands my goods well enough to buy them?

#6 Last but not least we will answer the WHY:

Creating content non-stop 24/4 can burn you out. Batch shooting content makes your life a lot easier and you can relax throughout the week, be creative, talk to your community and only spend 3-4 hours/ week on your Instagram account. Sounds good, right?

It is also a wonderful tool to see your content from different angles and helps you stay inspired and follow trends. For example you film a 1 minute video and end up using different 15 second cuts for 3 trending audios. Et voilá your reel or TikTok goes viral!

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