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How to drive traffic to your website!

Ready to boost your online presence in 2024? Driving traffic to your website is the key to success (and usually more sales and leads). Your website is an investment in the future of your business so maximize its potential by driving traffic and increasing online visibility. Let's get started!

The first thing you'll need to do is understand your market’s unique trends to drive more traffic.

In order to increase the traffic to your website you'll need to better understand these 8 strategies: 

  1. Email: Traffic to a domain via email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, or domains with corporate email addresses.

  2. Display ads: Traffic driven to a domain through a display or video ad supported by an advertising platform.

  3. Paid social: Very similar to organic marketing when it comes to the channels that drive the traffics, however, this type comes from paid advertisements.

  4. Organic social: Traffic to a domain from links on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.

  5. Direct: When the consumers enter the name via browser, clicks a link, or has it saved in bookmarks.

  6. Referral: Traffic to a domain from a hyperlink on another domain

  7. Paid search: Traffic driven by any type of paid advertisement.

  8. Organic search: Traffic to a domain directly from organic results on a SERP from a search engine such as Google, Bing, and Safari.

social media agency giving tips on driving traffic to your businesses website

Have a strong brand identity

Your brand identity is an integral part of your company. It’s how the public views your organization and relates to your business.

A strong brand identity includes:

  1. Logos

  2. Colors

  3. Typography

  4. Slogans

  5. Packaging

A few examples of a strong brand identity include: Starbucks, Dunkin, Apple, and McDonalds. All of these brands are great example of a well rounded company that was able to get everyone to know who they are just by viewing their logo.

Track your market’s most popular keywords to increase organic search traffic

Unlock the potential of your business growth with effective keyword tracking. Identifying the keywords can draw targeted traffic to your website. For example if your business is related to skincare you might want to mention some of the trending words: "red light therapy," "anti-aging," and "reduce wrinkles." This helps catch the attention of users actively looking for those products or services. We always recommend starting a blog and posting consistently on it to increase website traffic. Make sure to SEO optimize each post and share it on all your socials afterwards for a cross-media-marketing boost!

You need help? We offer weekly blog articles, copywriting and website development! Get in touch today via our website or send us an email to:

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