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How to gain followers on Pinterest

Pinterest has a lot of hype right now- especially since they started rolling out the Creator Rewards Program. A lot of people reached out to me and asked how they can kickstart their Pinterest career (or continue to grow consistently). I gathered some of my BEST tips that helped me gain almost 10K followers and between 2-7 million monthly views in less than 7 months.

#1: Create an attractive Pinterest profile

Figure out what you want to share and talk about. You don't have to niche down as much as on Instagram but try to stay within your top 5 topics. For example share recipes or focus on DIY projects and videos- The more your followers know WHY they should follow you the better (try not to confuse them too much with your content).

#2: Share content from other people

Obviously ask for their permission first and tag them. Working with other creators pushed my account a lot and also helped me to become more creative whenever I felt stuck with my content. You should also consider joining Pinterest group boards (or start your own).

#3: Create quality content to Pin

Sounds simple but makes a HUGE difference. As soon as I took more care of good camera angles, natural light and high quality videos my follower number (and comments, saves and likes) increased! You don't want to look at dark, poorly shot pictures or videos on your free time, do you?

#4: Follow other Pinners and boards in your niche

The Pinterest algorithm wants to push a good community and will reward active accounts. Leave some comments and likes here and there. Follow other creators and share some social media love every week and soon you will see more followers on your account as well. BONUS TIP: Make sure your comments are good! If people scroll through a Pinterest account and see your comment at the top they are more likely to follow you too if your content aligns with the other creators pictures and vibe.

#5: Save Pins regularly

I can't confirm NOR deny if this really works to be honest. I always save pins and I feel like it makes my own account seem more "active" than others and the algorithm rewards that.

#6: Cross media marketing is key

This is the golden rule of social media marketing: Invite followers from other platforms to join your community on Pinterest. Share in your stories your favorite pins and promote your account and content on Tiktok etc.

Let me put it this way: If people already like your pictures and videos on Instagram why wouldn't they also want to follow your on Pinterest and see EVEN MORE? Don't be shy and feel cringe. It is great to use all possible media outlets to promote yourself and your content. if you don't do it who will?

Let me know in the comments if you want a Part II and like this article if you learned something new!

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