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How to get invited to a red carpet event

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

I recently got invited to an amazing red carpet event in Tampa Bay. It was at a secret mansion and you had to park at a specific location and wait until the VIP shuttle would pick you up. They had many famous guests like Gronk (buccaneers player), DJ AOKI, and many other Buccaneers players and sport celebrities that night. Besides the amazing red carpet, they also offered an oxygen, hooka and cigar bar, a huge catering and drinks. Did I mention the TRANSFORMER that partied with us that night?!

Many people asked me how I got this invitation and I wanna share some useful tips on how to increase your chances by A LOT to get noticed by event planners and companies for upcoming events.


Use social media for your advantage. Always tag local shops, stores and brands in order to get recognized as well as use local # (or their own if they have one). This helps to make them feel like you really like their products, vision and brand and they're more likely to invite you to store openings, client parties and events. But obviously try to pick brands and shops that you really like otherwise you'll regret going to events you didn't want to go to haha.


DM and reach out to Marketing agencies and firms that work with multiple brands and plan events for them. You can find them pretty easily by doing some simple research online or on IG. They usually have lists and can put you on them for free. It takes some time but as soon as they have events and grand openings coming up in your area they'll let you know.


JUST ASK. A lot of people feel weird to ask to get invited. But it's not awkward at all! Especially when it's your first event or you are a micro influencer (or no content creator at all) it is the best way to get a foot in the door. Once you get invited it's always a good idea to network as much as possible and thank the event planer afterwards via e-mail or DM. You can also try to find the responsible person during the event and try to connect with them (usually event planners are VERY busy during that time though so make sure she/he/them are relaxed and in a good mood).

I will share more tips soon and you can also check out videos from the event on my IG account (katyironman). It was so much fun with the red carpet in this secret private mansion! And I know that with my tips I'll see you on the next event as well!

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