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How to Get Invited to February 2024 NYFW!

You want to get invites to this upcoming NYFW but don’t think you have the connections or followers to pull it off? Let us help you by sharing all our best tips and tricks that helped us successfully get invites and attend September NYFW 2023! 

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01. What designers are going? 

This year February NYFW is taking place from February 9th (Friday) to February 14th (Wednesday). One of the best first places to check is the CFDA website that includes a fashion calendar outlining all of the shows being held each day. Typically shows start being released several weeks before fashion week so keep checking frequently to make sure you’re the first to know when the official schedule gets released! It can also also be helpful to do a little social media stalking of your own and research which designers and brands attended previously to see if they’ve posted any teasers. 

Bonus Tip: Public shows are going to your best chance of attending as they are much less exclusive and more open to accepting collaborations! 

02. What do I say when I reach out? 

Your pitch emails should be short, sweet and informative. Typically start with an introduction on who you are, what kind of content you create and some of your best analytics or audience demographic. Next, mention that you will be attending NYFW and are interested in shooting content for the brand and how this could provide value and benefit to them. If you want the EXACT pitch email templates that got us invitations in the past - it’s all included in our Content Creator Crash Course in the Social Muse Community Forum, along with the PR emails for brands we’ve collaborated with in the past! 

03. GPS Radar - Your new NYFW best-friend 

GPS Radar is a website (but they also have an app that’s free to download) that is going to be a huge help in getting invites to fashion shows, events and afterparties, especially for smaller creators. You’ll first have to create an account then press on the events tab and select the February NYFW dates (9th-14th) and it will show all the events that brands have posted during this time period. When you spot an event that you’d want to attend you can press “request invitation” and send a short message on who you are, why you should be invited and how you could benefit the brand. If your invitation gets approved, the brand will typically reach out by email to send over your tickets. More and more will be posted as it gets closer to February so its best to make your account early and stay updated with it! 

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04. How to make invites come to you 

I know we all wish designers and brands could just slide in our DMs asking to us to come but this can actually happen! Leading up to NYFW, start posting NYFW content to your active platforms and tag designers and brands that will be attending. This is a great way to get noticed through social media and if they like your content sometimes an offer will be extended to you through social media! 

Even with free invitations NYFW can still get pretty expensive especially if you are traveling to get there. This is why we also recommend pitching yourself to as many brands as possible (mentioning that you will be attending NYFW in your pitch emails) so any extra paid brand collaborations can help you lower your costs. 

We wish you all the best of luck in attending this upcoming NYFW and make sure to subscribe to our blog for more weekly updates and check out our Content Creator Crash Course for all the insider tips and tricks! 

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