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How to grow on Pinterest and get a higher reach

Pinterest just recently had a huge comeback! The old days of only pinning pictures you like are behind and people begin to realize that Pinterest is way more than just a “virtual pinboard”. Even brands start to us this platform more and more for their products and influencer marketing. Content creators can experience a huge follower growth on Instagram simple by sharing useful and aesthetic content on Pinterest. It can help you immensely to reach a wider audience and gain more leads. Since I started to use Pinterest (which was about a month ago) I quickly developed a successful routine and I gained +6 million monthly views on this platform and over 9K followers withing 6 months! I also experienced many link clicks to my Instagram account which lead to many new followers that engage with my content. Long story short: You should really consider using Pinterest in order to grow organically with your Instagram. And trust me it works and is a lot of fun!

1. Use the Pinterest Story Pins

Most of my reach came from using the story function on a regular basis! It’s super easy and helps you to narrow down your audience. I basically upload at least one story every day which made a huge impact on my monthly views so far. Since joining the Pinterest Creator Rewards Program I post twice a day and increase the number of content posts in the beginning of the month so get the maximum saves out of every post.

2. Check out what’s trending Use the analytics database and check out the trends. Pinterest is pretty open and shares useful information like most searched words etc. You can use that knowledge and create interesting pins and stories around these topics and trends!

3. Be active and ask questions!

Simple yet very effective. Try to figure out what your audience wants and respond to every comment. Ask them what other topics are interesting to them (and then use it for your Pinterest story pins). This helped me a lot to increase my monthly views and inspired me to try out more and new things! You should also analyse your audience insights every month and focus on their categories and interests. It makes no sense to post about fashion for example when 90% of your audience is interested in interior design or diy and crafts.

4. Use the description, title and alt text to push your pins

Story pins are not everything. They are great to push your reach but in order to gain ORGANIC followers you need to post regular pins as well. I know it is a lot of work to write an alt text and description etc. for every single picture but it is worth it. The alt text will help others to find your content faster and it pushes your content to the top of the search.

Follow these 4 tips and I can guarantee you that you’ll see changes like I did! Have fun and let me know how it went! Bis bald.

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