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How to Grow on Tiktok in 2024

TikTok, unlike any other social network, is the quickest way to online popularity. On the app, you can find everything. Humorous videos, inspiring material, business advice, cosmetic tips, and any other form of content you'll dislike are all fighting for your time.

TikTok distributes your videos to a smaller number of individuals who share your interests. Their participation gets you view time, which boosts your films.

TikTok, in contrast to other social media network, operates on the FYP model, in which every user gets recommendations. To view the material of the people you follow, go to your following. You are continually interacting with fresh accounts as a result of this functionality. TikTok high availability is at its height. But enough about the platform itself and let's dive deeper into the tips that helped us and our clients get successful on this specific social media platform!

Tips on how to grow

#1 Be authentic: Instagram is all about the feed aesthetic and pretty content. TikTok is almost the exact opposite my friend! Talking videos perform well (make sure to film with good light) and use visual hooks to draw attention within the first 5 seconds of your video. What are visual hooks? For example: Applying lipgloss before you start talking, holding a coffee, ASMR, putting your phone down to pretend you "just had the idea of filming a thought" --> makes the video look more authentic and organic.

#2 Be unique: Narrow your focus. That is obvious, yet it will make things simpler. Have a specific editing style (specific fonts, colors and backgrounds) for your video content.

#3 Use the right keywords: Conduct research on hashtags and video accounts to share in your field. Here is the easiest way: Go to your search bar in the app > look up keywords that go along with your own content and account > check out what the top videos are and sounds.

#4 Post many times every day. It's simple math at the end of the day. The more posts you make, the quicker you will grow. Once per week is insufficient. We recommend to post between 3-5 times a day. Try out different formats, audios and feel free to recycle ideas until they work!

#5 Examine your metrics once a week: Once per week is plenty. Concentrate on your strongest content and ignore the rest. Once you find a video that performs well make sure to remake similar once and post them every single day.

The most important factor is time. Watching time is what propels your videos forward. The algorithm operates in real time. So you'd better find out how to boost your average viewing duration each video.

You still have questions? Book a consultation with us! You don't have time to create so much content every month and post daily? Let us do the work for you. Get in touch today and become an exclusive Social Muse client in 2024!

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