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How to join the Pinterest Creator Rewards Program (2022)

I get this question asked a lot: "How can I earn money with Pinterest?" and "Is it worth the effort and how do I even sign up for it?". This blog article will answer all your questions and more!

It is important to know that the Pinterest Rewards Program is still very new, and in its testing phase. With that being said, I should probably start explaining what the program is:

For starters the Pinterest Creator Rewards program essentially pays Pinterest creators for creating content. Sounds simple, right? It is important to mention though that you share your OWN content which means no reposting or copy/ pasting pictures and videos from other Pinterest accounts. Your pins won't get accepted if it's not original and your own creation.

Additionally, Pinterest gives you prompts, goals and specific criteria when it comes to your content. The platform posts new goals every month and each goal has a description, the payout amount and the requirements. Eligibility details can be to hit the engagement goal (which means f.e. your pin must receive 50 or 100 saves within that month), be original, no double-dipping, publish weekly etc.

Depending on the reward goal you can submit your pins and get paid. This leads up to the second question.

Who can become part of the Pinterest Creator Rewards Program?

You can apply for Creator Rewards through the Pinterest app. If you're eligible, you'll be able to tap Get started. If you do not meet the eligibility criteria yet, you will not have the ability to apply. But what are the criteria you may ask?

First of all, the Creator Rewards is currently only available on mobile devices on the Pinterest app, versions 9.33 or higher*.

The participation is also currently limited to users living in the United States (Pinterest says they're open to open the Rewards Program to other countries in the future so don't loose hope). Even if you live in the US it doesn't guarantee you a spot yet. The Creator Rewards program is currently till in testing with a small group of Pinterest Creators.

Here is how you can check if your account has the option: If you open your Pinterest click on the creator hub (make sure you have a business account first) and check if you have the $ earn icon o the right side of your hub screen. If your account looks like this you can start earning money with the rewards program yay!

Criteria for Pinterest Creator Rewards

If you don't see the option don't give up just yet! In the Creator Rewards terms and conditions and Creator Rewards help page, Pinterest outlines lots of criteria for participating in their program.

However, as I mentioned above not all Creators can participate. First, your account must meet certain criteria:

  1. You need to have a Pinterest business account

  2. Use the Pinterest mobile app

  3. Being 18+ years old

  4. Bing a legal resident of, and located in, the 50 United States or the District of Columbia

  5. Have a valid email address associated with your account

  6. Agree to the Creator Code

  7. Published at least 3 Idea Pins in the last 30 days

  8. Have at least 250 valid Pinterest followers

  9. Have 150 saves of your published Pins in the last 30 days

  10. Create original content

If you can check all these criteria you're on a good way of earning money with Pinterest! There is no specific document you have to fill out in order to participate. Pinterest will pick YOU and will give you all the necessary tools you need as a creator rewards member.

You may ask yourself now: "Why do I even wanna go through all the hassle?". Well better read the next part!

Here is how much I earned after my first month + screenshots

If you are eligible you can then submit your pins, and if the pin reaches the goals and fits the criteria, the creators receives a payment.

After my first month I earned $900 with the Pinterest Rewards Program. It was a lot of work and I posted almost every day but it was worth the effort in my opinion. I received a $50 bonus for getting started with the rewards program, hit 2 saves goals (2 of my pins had more than 50 saves each), earned $100 with "How-to" pins and another $250 for weekly pins. You don't need to have millions of followers to hit the goals and neither viral pins. It is very doable and some nice extra cash! I am currently going through my second month and I earned $422 so far (June 17th) and I still have almost 2 weeks left to go.

Which leads me to my last part and honest feedback of the Pinterest Creator Rewards Program.


The Pinterest Creator Rewards Program is definitely worth the hype and it is super fun and exciting to earn some extra money this way. Especially when you recycle content as a brand or creator anyways on Pinterest. The goals are achievable, easy to understand and the whole process seems smooth. I will keep you updated on my earnings every month! Goals and bonuses change also every month so you never know what you'll get.

Another important thing to know is that only the results and traffic during the month you're in count. For example: If your pin goes viral in July 1 month after submitting your pin in June the saves and likes won't count anymore. You only get paid for the traffic and saves etc. for the month you submitted the pin.

It is still very exclusive as well which makes it a little unreachable in my opinion. I hope they roll it out fast and open it up for more people within the next weeks.

Let me know what you think in the comments and like for a Part II !

* source: Pinterest Business Help

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