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How to make successful reels + Idea guide

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Creating interesting and viral reels is almost art. The algorithm doesn't help much and it feels like some people just got lucky with their content and didn't expect it to go viral either.

But I don't want to give up yet and want to share some useful tips with you to create great reels on Instagram!

#TIP 1: Be as creative as possible while hopping on new trends. Let's start with some ideas that basically always work:

  1. Fashion and product hauls: (ZARA new arrivals, AMAZON must-haves, summer vacation must-haves etc). Try to think about themes like "everything blue", "travel survival kit", gifts for your best friend" and so on.

  1. Educational content: Do you have good tips when it comes to your job, home renovations, your hobby or something else? Share it with the world! People love interesting facts and tips from experts.

  1. Tips & DIY: People looove to see hacks and do it yourself projects. If you have any skills in that area feel free to film it next time and share it with your audience. You can also give tips about your job, relationship advice or whatever pops up in your head. If you can't think fo anything do some research! It's ok to get inspired and use some tips from a good source (as long as you mention it).

#TIP 2: Use different accounts (Pinterest, TIKTOK and Co.) to promote your new reels as soon as you upload it.

I have more than 3.3 million monthly views on my Pinterest and I 100% use this platform to increase my IG reels reach! Don't be shy to even advertise it on your private facebook. If you're serious about becoming more professional with your content your family and friends will support that for sure!

You should also never underestimate Tiktok! A few of my videos have more than 400K views for example. I started with an interesting caption and tried to keep the viewer motivated by changing the text and adding some mystery. Uploading your reels on a Tiktok account is a good idea and can help you reach a wider audience (who will hopefully follow you over to your Instagram).

ATTENTION! If you create a video on Tiktok and want to upload it as an Instagram reel on your account afterwards the algorithm won't appreciate that. I did some research and it's true. Instagram doesn't like the watermark and also ranks the reel lower when you just "recycle" it from another platform.

#Tip 3: Watch my reel and get some caption hook inspo! your reel go viral. On my Instagram I often share SUPER IMPORTANT social media advice and explain how to push reels to the feed, how to create a "hook" and many more useful tips.

Leave a comment if you have any questions!
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