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Introducing our new influencer talent: CECILIA HENDRICKSON!

Social Muse Agency is happy to welcome a new client to our team! Welcome aboard, mother of six, Cecilia (Ceci) Hendrickson, a lifestyle influencer from Utah!

Cecilia’s passion is to empower young women through her speciality in writing and fashion! Aside from her influencer career, Cecilia is a cult survivor who strives to advocate for young women who have come out of difficult situations, looking to start over. Cecilia shares content such as; recipes, self care, her favorite coffee shops and so much more on her Instagram!

Not only does Ceci share content on social media, but she is also the founder and CEO of her very own clothing company Pink Valor, a women and radically free owned fashion company!

We love uplifting other women and seeing them succeed in entrepreneurial ways! Pink Valor has everything from sweatshirts, dresses, hats and even boots!

We at Social Muse Agency, invite you to welcome Cecilia as we introduce our newest talent, delve into their unique journey, and explore this remarkable partnership that awaits us all!


For partnership and collaboration inquiries please send us an email to:

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