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Introducing our new influencer talent: KAITLIN MEDINA!

Social Muse Agency is happy to welcome fashion and lifestyle creator Kaitlin Medina. She is an amazing country and city streetstyle fashion influencer based in beautiful Los Angeles, California.

Kaitlin's passionate about sharing her life and all things fashion! Aside from her influencer career, she has worked in the real estate industry for eleven years, helping people find their dream homes in California. Most of Kaitlin's contents consists of: day to day life, fashion, trying new restaurants, and travel. She is also an advid hiker, having hiked over eight national parks. The love Kaitlin has for hiking is matched the joy she has for being in the outdoors, especially when it’s with her puppy, Teddy Bear.

We love her eye for trends and her Instagram is definitely a 12/10 when it comes to her aesthetic and content. She absolutely loves REVOLVE, Rebag and her goal is to get invited to Stagecoach next year.

Thanks for trusting us and we can't wait to get you some amazing campaign deals with your dream brands this year Kaitlin!


For partnership and collaboration inquiries please send us an email to:

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