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Introducing our new Social Muse talent: DJ MALIKE!

We are excited to announce our new all-around talent and wedding DJ expert Malike at Social Muse Agency! Here are some interesting facts about him:

Malike is an entrepreneur and influencer based out of Naples, Florida with many years ofnexperience within the wedding and DJ industry.

Known for curating unique, high-energy experiences for couples all over Florida, Malike is able to capture high-quality, aesthetic content that tells a story. You can find him on Instagram as @dj_malike_ sharing compelling wedding and DJ content alongside his best advice, experiences and personal stories navigating throughout the industry!

He also creates Instagram content for his business and second account @curate_entertainment with 11K followers that showcases DJs, musicians, fusion bands and lighting. Malike is also a well known guest on many podcasts and has a lot of influence in the

Both accounts, along with the vast network he has built, highlight Malike's passion for the industry and his amazing eye for capturing moments and turning them into content that inspires and influences.

We welcome Malike to the family and are super excited to work with him this year!


For partnership and collaboration inquiries please send us an email to:

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