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The new trend app in 2022: BeReal

Let's talk about the biggest hyped app of this year: "BeReal". Every influencer currently gravitates towards this app and tries to build an audience. You missed out on TikTok or Vine and are behind on those apps now? No problem! BeReal is the new place to be and you can be one of the first creators or brand to get a foot in that social door. You have no idea what that app is about? Then keep reading.

What is Bereal?

BeReal, a current picture social networking app, has emerged as the next craze among Gen Z.

BeReal was created in 2020, but it has had a breakthrough this year. Based on the trending media site Social Media Today, downloads of the app have increased by 315% since the beginning of the year, and it currently ranks fourth among the top downloaded social media platforms, behind only Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

BeReal encourages individuals to "show your friends who you really are, for once," according to the app's description on Apple's App Store, by eliminating filters and possibilities to stage, over-think, or manipulate images.

How do you use Bereal?

BeReal gives you the ability to post images of yourself and your life, but there is a price. Everyone is expected to publish at the exact time every day.

The software alerts users at different times throughout the day that it's "time to Be Real." When the user launches the app, a two-minute timer begins, allowing them a limited amount of time to snap a photo of whatever they're doing at the time.

When you share a BeReal, the app captures a photo using both your front and back cameras so that others can see how you appear and where you are.

But how can I use it for my own brand and WHY should I create an account?

1. Share behind-the-scenes photos.

Behind-the-scenes material is an excellent marketing strategy for businesses that complement BeReal's native platform. Personifying your brand allows people to view it as more than a company. Posting behind-the-scenes photos from meetings, events, or daily office life may help customers view the brand in a new light while also creating collaboration and customer loyalty.

2. Establish a network for Gen Z customers.

Many businesses now stress community development as part of their social initiatives. BeReal, as a community-driven software, allows marketers to develop an online community without jeopardizing young people's mental health, as traditional social networks sometimes do.

When developing an internet community, marketers must put their customers at the center of their strategy and at the forefront of everything they do on the platform. Instead of digital things, you may provide in-person goods or events that highlight the value of actual experiences that exist outside of the digital world.

3. Use user-generated content to entice others.

Customers may interact with companies using BeReal's unvarnished, unedited material. This direct interaction demonstrates the power of a strong social plan in which their network is not just connected, but also available to other customers. Brands must work with their consumers to create unique content that reveals much more about the company than a one-sided interaction with a client could ever do.

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