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Meet our New Interns!!!

Meet Taylor

Hello!! My name is Taylor Harden, I am 22 years old and live in the Tampa area. Tampa is my home, I've been here my whole life. I will soon be a college graduate with my Bachelors in Marketing and minor in PR!!

Normally on my free time I like to go shopping, spend time with my family, or find new places to hang out/eat! Working with Ironman Agency has been amazing. I Immediately felt like I fit right in. I'm learning so much about content creation, social media marking, and time management. I couldn't thank the team enough for guiding me and helping me embark on this new journey!

Meet Victoria


My name is Victoria but some people call me Vic or Vicky. I am 20 years old, born and raised in Miami, FL but recently move to Tampa about a month ago. My background is Venezuelan so I am fluent in Spanish and English. I love to dance, cook/bake, make little tik tok vlogs, go to Disney world and universal, the beach, and spend time with my friends and family! What I enjoy most about working for Ironman Agency is that not only do I feel like we’re a family, but also that everyone is super welcoming and there to help whenever it is needed. That we get to learn the behind the scenes of social media marketing, to create content, and how we can learn to become influencers/content creators and build a brand for ourselves. I am looking forward to gaining the experience and learning from the other girls and Kat our CEO. In case you ever get a message with the name Victoria at the end, this is the face behind the message :)

Meet Allie

Hi! My name is Allie Christie, one of the Ironman Agency interns!

I am originally from Jupiter Florida so naturally some of my favorite things all consist of being around the ocean and being outside.

Apart from that, I am a senior at the University of South Florida finishing up my degree in public relations and advertising. I love working with the girls at Ironman, they are all so inspiring and push me to work harder towards my goals in marketing!

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