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NEW YORK FASHION WEEK 2023- recap of designer shows

Social Muse is filled with excitement after being invited to New York Fashion Week. The atmosphere in New York City is unparalleled. We couldn't help but feel like we belonged there, as content creators were everywhere, capturing content as if it were a regular occurrence in the bustling city. The shows we attended left us in awe and introduced us to the latest designs for the upcoming season. We saw plenty of mesh, sparkles, and floral appliques. Below, we share our thoughts on the shows and the designs we witnessed during NYFW.


Social Muse attended the first New York Fashion Week with The Lab. Two designers were able to showcase their new designs in an elegant setting. The brand Tertulias De Primavera showcased their collection called "Spring Talks," which represented flapper style, glitter, and feathers. Designer Ofelia Aquino labeled her designs as "Red Fairies" and "White Fairies," featuring metallic wings, ears, and masks that represented Mother Nature, purity, and ingenuity. The runway show was a successful debut.

We ended our day in NYC by attending the Prada Pop-Up event. It was not just an ordinary pop-up, but a complete production. Prada showcased their new Paradoxe perfume, which has a citrusy scent. The event featured a matcha and lemonade bar, where you could customize your Prada perfume bottle with a monogram. There were also many aesthetically pleasing photo spots. As a guest, we received a travel-size Prada Paradoxe perfume. It was definitely the best showroom we visited during the trip.


This morning, we connected with the girls from "The Influencer Community''Community". Allysa Larson and Danielle Glanz Shanes organized a meet up for influencers at Dr Smood coffee shop. We had the chance to meet and chat with other creators in our industry. It's great to engage with like-minded individuals who share our beliefs in this field. And Just like us they were on a mission to create content on the streets of NYC

The clothing designs by Designer Elier Aubret with THE LAB can be described as sophisticated trends. Elier was not afraid of using color and he truly showcased his creativity. Aubret's vision came to life with vibrant and bold makeup, as well as intricate ruffles as details. Among all the runway experiences, this show was definitely the most unique. The energetic music added a bold touch to the models' walk.

Social Muse was grateful to be part of the press at the fusion show hosted by Emon Gee Entertainment, featuring three unique designers. We had the opportunity to interview both the attendees of the runway show and the designers themselves. We were able to connect with various individuals from different industries. We highly recommend offering press services as a social media agency for NYWF. The designers showcased a wide range of textures and styles on the runway, catering to diverse tastes and expanding their market. This show was well organized, with guests on a guest list and assigned seating. Additionally, there were several vendors, including a bar. It was an incredible experience to be involved with such an amazing company.


Social Muses attended our last show at the Mercedes Manhattan venue. The designers and attendees at this event were more established compared to the other shows we had attended. Some of the featured designers were Oh Polly, Francessa Cottone, and Fite Fashion. Each designer and brand stood out in their own way. Oh Polly's new collection included stunning dresses that perfectly complemented the models, fitting them flawlessly and allowing for graceful movement on the runway. Francessa Cottone's collection showcased an elevated street style combined with professional attire, creating a unique and unmatched esthetic. Fite Fashion presented their sophisticated formal wear, specifically designed for businesswomen. Among the familiar faces lining the rows of the show were Tana Mongeau and Jeff Wittek.

Attending New York Fashion Week is an experience that we highly recommend to everyone. We feel incredibly grateful for the opportunities we were given, being invited to these shows as a social media marketing agency. Our goal is to further expand our connections and networks, allowing us the chance to attend even more shows and showrooms in the future. Without a doubt, we will be returning to the vibrant city of New York.

You want to go to New York Fashion Week next year? Then sign up for our influencer network and stay tuned for updates, useful tips and advice on how to get invited!

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