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Pinterest's 2022 Growth Strategy

A lot of people see Pinterest as a social networking that only delivers a lot of traffic to your blog. I am telling you right now that this has drastically changed the past 2 years!

Pinterest has expanded dramatically in the previous two years (there are now 433 million monthly active users), but it has also made significant changes to video pins, idea pins, and other features.

This is why we gathered our best performing tips for you! Master this platform and generate new leads, increase your website traffic and sell your products and services like never before.

#1 Adapt content from other platforms

Don't squander material you've created for other channels. TikTok videos, Instagram Reels, and Instagram posts may all be shared on Pinterest. Repurpose the material into normal pin size and publish a carousel on Instagram. Then resize it to Pinterest idea pin size and post it as an Idea Pin. Make sure you're posting your videos as video pins as well as idea pins. This alone may provide you with a wealth of information!

#2 Expand your Pinterest following in 2022 (and beyond) by engaging yourself

Use the app and spend time each week engaging with your audience. Leave some comments here and there, answer DM's, start vision boards with similar creators and be a part of the community. The platform pushes active accounts and focuses on communication between other members.

#3 Quality over quantity for once

Yes you heard right. This is not Instagram and people go on Pinterest to get inspired and find new recipes and fashion inspo. Focus on pinning a lot less and increase the quality of your pins. Nobody will save a blurry and low quality standard pin nor an idea pin without a good caption and useful content. I recommend to create at least 2-3 idea pins/ week and experiment with creating some idea pins in the app. Check out weekly trends to stay up to date!

P.S. Pinterest will end its creator rewards program at the end of this month (so sad I know). But stay tuned for other opportunities to earn money as a creator on this platform and subscribe to our blog for more updates!

#4 Show your face and talk to your audience

Video pins are a great way to find your voice on this platform. You are a brand and not a creator? Create a mascot or hire a social media manager who creates content and talks to your customers on a weekly basis. Be consistent on the platform and see how fast you will grow!

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