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Social Squares Content Shoot!!

A Day in the Life of a Social Squares Photoshoot

As a blogger or business owner, you know how important it is to have high-quality images on your website and social media channels. But sometimes, taking those images can be a challenge. That's where Social Squares comes in.

Social Squares is a stock photography membership site that offers beautiful, high-quality images for bloggers and businesses. But they also offer custom photoshoots for those who want something truly unique.

Recently, we had the opportunity to partner up and participate in one of these custom photoshoots with Social Squares. Here's a behind-the-scenes look of what it was like.

First, we met with the Social Squares team to discuss the vision for the shoot. We talked about the brand, target audience, and the message they wanted to convey through the images. From there, they put together a mood board and shot list and booked a booked a beautiful home on Bayshore Blvd in Tampa.

On the day of the shoot, we arrived at the location bright and early. The team had scouted out several different spots around the beautiful house that would work well for the shoot. They had also brought along all of the necessary equipment, including lighting and props.

We started off with some business casual and office content and created high quality stock images and videos for brands.

Throughout the shoot, we took breaks to review the shots on the camera and make any necessary adjustments. It was amazing to see how everything was coming together.

After several hours of shooting, we wrapped up and said our goodbyes. We were blown away by how beautiful they turned out.

Overall, our photoshoot with Social Squares was an incredible experience. The team was professional, friendly, and very talented. We now have a collection of images that perfectly represent brands (just like yours) and will help you stand out on social media.

You need monthly content creation for your business? Then get in touch with us today and join our exclusive client list!

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