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The ultimate YouTube tips to grow your audience in 2023

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Influencers want to grow and be present on multiple platforms nowadays. Sharing content on only one platform is in the past and cross media marketing is the new trend. Here are our BEST TIPS on how to grow an audience, followers and engagement on YouTube. Keep reading and let us know how they work!

Tip #1 - Target the right keywords (also hashtags don’t really work)

Creators upload 500 hours of video every minute to YouTube—that’s a lot of competition! → First, use a keyword research tool like Keyword Tool (I know right but that's really the name) to find keywords with promising search volume. Next, use a tool like TubeBuddy to evaluate its estimated competition. Again, you’re looking for keywords with the delicate balance of high search volume combined with low competition. Same on Instagram btw: Don't use hashtags with 50 million clicks but between 1,000-500,000.

Tip #2 - Optimize Your Profile

For example, you might want to add an important keyword to your YouTube Channel name. If you were to build a YouTube channel around gardening tips, having a channel named “Garden Guru” rather than “Kat's Channel” would give you a significant bump in the search results. → Additionally, don't forget to complete your “About Us” section. Add any relevant keywords you can, especially in the first 48 characters (since this will be displayed in YouTube search results).

"Creators upload 500 hours of video every minute to YouTube." – Statista

Tip #3 - Create Top-Notch YouTube Thumbnails

Your video thumbnail (the image you see when scrolling through the FYP or feed) is likely the most-click-influencing element of your entire YouTube account. It’s the first thing your (potential) audience will see when your videos pop up on their homepage or search results. → My tip: Definitely use bold text overlays, cool images, illustrations, and contrasting colors to hook viewers.

Tip #4 - Title Videos Like a Pro

This is a very uncommon tip: Avoid click-bait and focus on providing value. Click-bait is very popular on YouTube espeically for big creators on this platform (aka Mr. Beast etc.)

Answer the question for your potential viewer: “What’s in it for me?”→ you’ll have to experiment and see what works best for your channel and audience.

Tip #5 - Post Videos at the Best Time

There’s no single best time to post on YouTube for all videos and audiences.

Frederator Networks’ data suggest Thursday and Friday are the best days, with 3 pm leading to the most engagement. It is important to try some days and times out and check your insights every month to change and adjust your posting strategy. For example: You are a gamer and share related content? Then probably don't post at 6am but rather late when your audience is online as well. You get the point.

Tip #6 - Build (and Promote) Video Playlists

Most YouTube channels neglect the power of playlists. Even some of the best channels haven’t taken the time to organize their videos and optimize the experience for their visitors. Better start sooner than later. Trust me you don't want to dig through hundreds of videos and organize them.

→ Playlists are an excellent way for getting your subscribers to stick around, find similar videos, and continue watching. Creates series or find similar-themed videos to bundle into playlists. If a playlist performs well focus on this one and create more content around this topic. This also gives you inspiration and necessary feedback from your audience.

Tip #7 - Convert Viewers Into Subscribers

Another myth: Don’t expect your viewers to subscribe—ask and remind them to. It is not cringe or attention seeking to use call to actions. It is actually a necessity believe it or not.

Add calls to action (CTAs) at the beginning, middle, and end of your videos asking viewers to subscribe. Include a CTA in your description, too. When you take time to answer questions, remind the community in the comments to subscribe to get notified whenever you publish new content. It is extra work but usually always pays off. Gaining followers on YouTube is a LOT more challenging than on TikTok.

Last but not least: Produce a video series

For example, if you start a YouTube channel about Business Casual Fashion Inspo, you might begin with a “Getting Started” series of videos that outlines everything from buying the right basics to building a capsule wardrobe → Video series will keep your viewers consuming more of your content, and that increases your YouTube ranking and the chance they’ll convert into subscribers.

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