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Updated: May 5, 2023

Yes you heard (and saw) right! We are taking some exciting next steps and rebrand our agency. Bye bye Ironman Agency and hello: "Social Muse Agency". Same team, same results and services but different branding.

Why did we rebrand?

Rebranding has one simple goal: to keep your brand current. Design trends play a major role in how potential or current clients perceive our business and all it has to offer. Ensuring that our look is always ahead of the curve shows our customers that we pay attention to the trends within our industry.

What changes?

Honestly not much! We will continue to provide high quality marketing strategies, consult your business, create aesthetic content and offer our variety of amazing services. We only update our logo, name and level up our social media aesthetic. No more Ironman Agency- WE ARE SOCIAL MUSE AGENCY!

Some rebranding tips from our expert team

  1. Invest in a professional (aka us)

  2. Focus on your "why"

  3. Avoid comparison.

  4. Celebrate the big milestone! We will host an exclusive influencer event in Tampa soon to officially launch and celebrate our online influencer workshop as well as our agency rebranding. Stay tuned and check out our social media for more information.

"A brand refresh is simply a strategic update to your evolving brand." – Katrin Eisenmann, founder of Social Muse Agency.

You want to work with us or need help with your own rebranding? Get in touch today and fill out a form on our website. Looking forward to working together!

Our new email address:

Our new Instagram: socialmuse_agency

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