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Tips for Growing Your Social Media Presence and Becoming a Micro-Influencer

The influencer environment is evolving as a result of new networks, content types, and ever changing social media algorithms. While this may seem intimidating at first, we have compiled our best recommendations to help you unleash your creativity and optimize all your social channels.

First of all, let's define what a micro-influencer even is: A micro-influencer is someone who has 10,000 to 50,000 followers. Influencers with a genuine and trustworthy following base who are actively engaged with your content are sought after by brands. Positive follower growth, strong interaction, and high-quality material are essential for advancing your profile to the micro level. But let's start with the basics:

#1 Create a niche for yourself

Your specialization is critical since it represents what your account stands for and reflects who you are, and it should be made obvious in your profile setting. Brands and fans alike want to support genuine artists. In fact, micro-influencers are preferred to conventional celebrities for business campaigns since they are more personable, honest, and transparent to their fans.

Check to discover whether your target audience is similar to your current following.

Are you creating material that represents your passions?

Is your content resonating with your present followers?

Are you recruiting brand partnerships that are appropriate for your content?

Everyone talks about "finding a niche" but it's also very useful to stay within your content buckets/ niche for multiple reasons:

1) In order to post consistently every week you have to implement your content in your daily routines. Pretty hard if you're known for travel videos, cooking reels, "get ready with me" etc. but have a normal 9/5 job and can't just create new content every day. Try to find a niche that is realistic and something that is easy for you to create on a daily basis.

2) Don't confuse your audience with too much different content. WHY should they actually follow you? Ask yourself that question.

3) When it comes to online branding every company has to figure out what they wanna sell and be known for. Same thing for you as a content creator. Do you want to collaborate with luxury brands? Then your whole feed should be about that. It can be even damaging for your online brand if you talk about too many different topics, have different content and styles.

#2 Make a good first impression

Choose a Business or Creator account to get data insights for companies and have access to more contact buttons and toggle switches.

Choose a basic and unique username, eliminate special characters, emoticons, and number sequences, and make sure it matches the rest of your social networks (otherwise you may look like a fake account + a unique and good brand name will open doors for you in the future once you're a bigger influencer ).

P.S. Changes in your social handle or profile name may have an impact on your reach so make sure you change your name sooner than later.

#3 Make contact with brands

Another strategy to boost your social media presence is to contact businesses and express your interest in their products and services. Signing up for an affiliate network allows you to effortlessly connect with companies. Awin allows you to join brand programs, stay up to date on new brand offers, get personalized codes, and create affiliate links to use in your bio links or stickers.

Organic brand promotion is a terrific approach to build natural brand affinity and allow businesses to find you for partnerships through Awin and/or social listening technologies. Brands are constantly seeking for influencers who organically associate with and tag their items + create UGC for them. To sustain engagement and trust, look for partnerships that complement your content and audience interests. Put some effort into your content so they repost your videos and images on their account. This can give you new followers and more reach.

#4 Create a community and don't forget about them when you grow

Your followers are individuals, not just statistics. Engage with them and foster dialogue. Consider your captions and ask questions. Learn about your target audience. Q&As and surveys are excellent ways to start discussions and may provide valuable information for brand collaborations. Try to be authentic especially in your stories. Cute frames and perfect images are great but your feed is already aesthetic enough. Try to talk on your stories, go live and be real.

#5 Change up your material to stay relevant

Diversification is a terrific approach to sustain audience engagement and widen your network while keeping quality in mind.

Changing up your Instagram feed with Reels or Guides may be a refreshing break from static feed posts and can offer you with valuable insights into what your viewers want to see and engage with. TikTok's explosive growth is a solid evidence of how short-form video is widely watched by internet consumers. Keep an eye on hot hashtags and see if you can create material that is pertinent and timely.

Social media algorithms are constantly evolving and might be difficult to anticipate. It is always worthwhile to embrace new features or social network improvements, such as Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts. Social media platforms want to promote material that incorporates and highlights the new update, which will impact your reach and engagement.

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