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We're going to NYFW!!! Learn how we got invited to various fashion shows, tips & landed brand deals!

It's New York Fashion Week time! Here is a list of all the shows we got invited to:

Social Muse Agency will attend various fashion shows and the team got press passes for The Fusion Show during this year's New York Fashion Week. Stay tuned for cool behind the scenes on our Instagram and TikTok and get exclusive sneak peeks from the red carpet.

You want to go to NYFW but don't have enough followers?

We got you! We have the connections and can get clients with less than 10K followers invited to fashion shows and other events. But to be completely honest... you don't even need an agency to get you invited! I promise you can do it all on your own. How you may ask? With our brand new Content Creator Crash Course and Social Muse Community! Learn all the tools to get paid brand deals, grow your online community and get invited to all the cool influencer events.

NYFW is the place to be if you're a content creator, designer or brand. Our social media agency is excited to meet up with some well-known influencers (stay tuned) and we promise to share with you the best sneak peeks during this crazy and fun time. Make sure to give us a follow and read our blog for weekly updates and NYFW tips.

Our agency is a small business and we have creators with less than 10K followers in our network who still got invited to showrooms, fashion shows and after-parties. It's all about the strategy and putting in the work.


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