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What are YouTube Shorts, and how do you create them?

If there's one thing we know for certain about social media, it's that new features, content styles, and methods to connect with audiences are always on the horizon. YouTube Shorts is one of the most recent YouTube offerings.

You've never heard of it? Not to worry, you're not behind the times. In reality, you've most likely already been producing short-form video content on other platforms.

YouTube Shorts are a new video format that allows users to record, share, and watch vertical short-form video content. Videos of 1 min or less. Since these cellphone, vertical mini videos have proved to be so popular, a lot of sites are seeking for a piece of the action (we're looking at you, Instagram Reels).

How to Create YouTube Videos

When creating YouTube Shorts, you have two options: make your video from start inside the app or upload an existing or modified video. If you're recycling TikTok videos, Instagram Reels, or lengthier YouTube videos into your channel, this last method is great.

How to Create an Iphone Short

1. Download the YouTube app for Android or iPhone and sign in if you don't already have it.

2. Tap the Create button

3. Tap Create a Short, which has a camera symbol next to it, in the pop-up.

4. The default recording duration for YouTube shorts is 15 seconds. You may set it to 60 seconds by touching on the number "15" above the record button.

5. Finally, Filters lets you add several visual filters to your recording.

6. When you're ready, press the Record button. Tapping it again will end the recording; press again to begin recording the next portion in the same video.

7. After you've finished filming, hit the check mark in the lower right corner to preview your video and add music, text, and effects. When finished, press the Next button.

8. Finally, enter a title and customize the sharing options. Add the #shorts hashtag to the title to guarantee it is viewed or promoted among other YouTube Shorts videos.

9. Tap Upload, and it will be uploaded to YouTube.

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