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You want to grow your small business online? Then keep reading!

Starting a new business can be challenging. There is so much to consider and social media marketing can get very confusing if you don't say up to date (or hire a good social media manager). Algorithms change non-stop and everyone seems to share the same tips such as "just post every day" and "be active with your account". They are not wrong but it doesn't guarantee you organic growth nor a solid online audience who actually want to BUY your products/ pay for your services. That's why we came up with 4 great social media tips that will definitely kickstart your small business online!

1. Accept that platform has a different language & community

You can’t just post the exact same content on all your social media platforms. Try to create individual, fresh & unique content that targets the specific groups.

2. Personalize support

Every problem is a unique situation so don’t send standard messages. A real person should be in charge of support requests otherwise you end up with a faceless brand entity.

3. Integrate new members and followers weekly/ monthly

When new people join, begin the process of integrating them into the community. Have a newsletter, ask questions and guide them with your interactions.

4. Identify “active power users”

Create an online focus group and listen to their feedback on your campaigns, posts and online presence/ products. Then use that feedback to direct the growth of your community and your online platform!

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