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Social Media and Marketing industry trends in 2022

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Today I am sharing some great insights from my interview with Canvas Rebel.

"So, let’s start with trends – what are some of the largest or more impactful trends you are seeing in the industry?"

Social media is always changing. Trends come and go and staying on top of everything is more than a full time job nowadays. Since the pandemic TikTok rose to incredible popularity and fame. Now other platforms such as Instagram and YouTube are trying their best to join the hype. Instagram has introduced new features and updates almost weekly and officially stated they want to focus more on their video content rather than their pictures in the future. This will be a big change!

More and more brands start to realize how much potential an active social media presence can provide them. Working with content creators rather than models to promote their products has become a huge and thriving industry. Nearly two years in, influencer marketing is stronger than ever; brands are projected to spend $15 billion on influencer marketing during 2022.

"How’d you build such a strong reputation within your market?"

It’s all about networking and getting yourself out there. Always have business cards with you, go to after-work events, and connect with local brands. Word of mouth is a big boost as well and should never be taken for granted.

Being consistent and active on various social media platforms (Instagram, Tiktok, etc.) helped me build my reputation within the Tampa market. Using local hashtags, tagging partners, and reposting/supporting other businesses is a great strategy to get your name out there.

"How did you build your audience on social media?"

Cross media marketing is key! Promoting your Tiktok content on Instagram and reposting it on Pinterest etc. is a great way to build an audience and reach more people.

Yes, it is a lot of work (that’s why you hire a social media manager) but 100% worth it. Sharing value is another big thing. Don’t just use cheesy stock images and use every post as an opportunity to sell your services or product. People are surrounded by ads 24/7 and dislike seeing even more ads on social media.

I also built my audience by partnering up with other creators, Going live on Instagram, and using all the features to my advantage to hop on trends. Make sure you are doing the same to stay relevant.

Check out my social media for more useful tips and marketing guides for your business and online brand!

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